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The Why

There are over 35,000 independent agents and nearly all of them have a common set of technology and processing needs to operate. These common needs are foundational to running a successful agency operation.  A solid foundation can position an agency to differentiate itself in the market and excel in the eyes of its employees, carrier partners, and most importantly their clients. The fundamentals alone do not differentiate, but without them, there is a ceiling to what an agency can do to differentiate itself.

At borrowedtyme, we believe that there are a plethora of contemporary technologies available to us to achieve the fundamentals of operating an independent agency.  We also believe that when agencies are willing to share and collaborate around the fundamentals, every agency involved will benefit.

borrowedtyme exists to harness the innovative ideas of independent agents and deliver capabilities that can be reused and improved on by other agents.

It's a simple approach.  We share ideas, ideate on them, fund them with technologists and partner carriers, and then deliver them back to the community of borrowedtyme agencies so that all member agencies can implement them. It's a combination of crowdsourcing and open source development combined into a single community for independent insurance agencies.  It's been going on for years in many other verticals, but this is the first one that we are aware of for independent agents. 

There are no hidden agendas here.  If you are looking for an audience to sell your next insurtech solution to, this is not for you.  borrowedtyme is focused on listening to the fundamental needs of independent insurance owners and using world-class technology cloud platforms like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Salesforce to deliver capabilities that any agency could begin using to run their operations.  

borrowedtyme is a community for agents that are willing to share ideas and build common capabilities together with contemporary technology that leads to stronger agencies and therefore a stronger distribution channel for consumers.  

Shared ideas. Shared investment. Shared success.

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