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In the challenging insurance industry for independent insurance agencies and brokerages, staying ahead requires more than just adaptability; it demands operational excellence to deliver a consistent, genuine, and trusted customer experience.


After more than two years of collaboration and developing, testing, and implementing over 1000 feature requests with borrowedtyme agents, we are excited to introduce btcore, a trailblazing CRM and agency management system meticulously crafted on the potent foundation of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC). The btcore capabilities combined with native Salesforce FSC create a transformational platform poised to reshape how agents and brokers operate and thrive.


Intuitive and Comprehensive Capabilities

At the heart of every successful agency or brokerage lies the ability to seamlessly collect and manage client information. With btcore's insurance-specific capabilities and Salesforce FSC platform, your agency will gain a panoramic view of your clients' journey, risk exposures, and insurance portfolio. Say goodbye to fragmented data and disconnected systems – btcore unifies client relationships, client profiles, policies, claims, billing, service interactions, and financial accounting data into one cohesive solution. btcore aligns your sales and service teams and empowers them to make informed decisions, offer personalized recommendations, and deepen client relationships.


Built for Innovation and Digital Acceleration

Digital tools open up new avenues for revenue growth. btcore provides the business-critical capabilities to replace your traditional agency management system and accelerate your adoption of digital tools that enhance client interactions. Once on the open Salesforce FSC platform, you can expand your sales and service offerings and partner with insurance carriers, insuretechs, and the innovative Salesforce community to tap into emerging markets and demographics that prefer digital interactions, thereby increasing your client base. From lead management and policy administration to document generation and self-service portals, btcore helps automate processes, reduce errors, improve accuracy and increase your team's bandwidth to foster meaningful client engagements.


Customizable Dashboards: Your Operational Command Center

Data always tells a story, and the operations that capture and interpret their data will differentiate themselves in the market. btcore equips independent agencies and brokers with customizable dashboards that transform raw data into actionable insights. Your leadership team can choose and configure the metrics that align with your strategic goals, allowing you to monitor performance, track trends, coach others, and react swiftly to emerging opportunities. These personalized dashboards are your agency's command center, enabling agile decision-making to execute informed strategies. You will finally have objective lead and lag metrics to support your growth goals.


Elevating Brokers and Independent Agencies with btcore

"You've done it!" are the words we consistently hear from agents and brokers when they see btcore in action. 


btcore is much more than an idea or a vision; it is a comprehensive CRM+AMS+Finanical Accounting solution that works. This innovative solution of core insurance capabilities, built on Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, empowers agencies and brokers to seamlessly integrate, streamline operations, forge lasting relationships, and deliver a consistent customer experience on a trusted platform.  


Ready to unlock new dimensions of success for your independent insurance agency or brokerage? Join us in embracing the future with btcore. To learn more about btcore capabilities, implementation services, and pricing, visit


It is time to set a new bar for broker and agent technology capabilities. It starts with a shift to executing core business capabilities on a world-class technology platform. The solution is now available; it's btcore.  


Align, Innovate, Thrive – btcore.

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