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Business Meeting

How it Works

How We Work Together

borrowedtyme is an invitation-only member community for independent agency principals and brokers.

Members contribute to the community by sharing ideas, sharing the investment to develop ideas, and collaborating with other members on the best practices to implement and adopt delivered capabilities. 

A business meeting

The Fundamentals

Share Ideas

borrowedtyme provides an environment where independent agents and brokers collaborate on core operating capabilities and reimagine business processes using contemporary cloud platforms.

Fund Ideas

borrowedtyme members support the community by sharing in the cost of development through their member subscription fees. 

Implement Ideas

The success of borrowedtyme is measured by the ease and pace at which member agents can ideate, implement, and adopt core capabilities in the cloud. 


Our Mission

Build it once for the benefit of many.

Shared Success

"Many people have talked about doing this with technology...the community of borrowedtyme is actually doing it."

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