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Shared Success

Shared Success

Every great success originates from an idea.


borrowedtyme exists to harness the innovative ideas of independent agents and deliver capabilities that can be reused and improved on by other agents. 

Members of borrowedtyme take a shared business idea or process, ask the "why?" question, and then iterate with technologists and other agents to fund and deliver on the idea.  Success is achieved when the capabilities are built and made available to the members of borrowedtyme.

Below are just some of the ideas that the members of borrowedtyme have funded and given back to the community of borrowedtyme independent agents.

Shared ideas.

Shared investment.

Shared success.

Examples of Member Contributions

This capability leverages the native offering of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and a set of insurance-specific configurations to support Account, Contact, and Opportunity management.  These configurations are intended to be foundational to the use of Salesforce for any agency and a great place to start for an agency that is new to the Salesforce platform. 

Account, Contact, Relationship and Opportunity Management

Utilize the borrowedtyme library of insurance questionnaires to provide your team with a flexible and contemporary solution for collecting information about prospects and current customers.  This capability allows producers and account teams to complete the questionnaire on behalf of the client, or send the client an email to complete the questionnaire on their own.

Personalized Insurance Questionnaires 

Bind Policy Workflow

With this feature, agents are able to bind policies directly from their sales pipeline.  The bound policy experience leverages the core benefits of Salesforce Financial Services and streamlines the user experience to align producers and account managers across the entire customer journey, from sales to service. 

Members of borrowedtyme have created the capability to accept, record, process, and report on direct bill payments made on behalf of clients through the agency.  The functionality was built to create a consistent and efficient process to handle the entire process from check processing to bank reconciliation with the carrier sweep transactions. 

Direct Bill : Agency Sweep Payments

Renewal Manager

In order to stay ahead of upcoming renewals, borrowedtyme members created an experience for producers and account managers to review a list of upcoming renewals and choose from menu of actions to remarket, update, or automatically renew a policy.

Download from Carriers

Yes, the borrowedtyme community has integrated the traditional industry download process into Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. After binding a policy, the incoming download from the carriers matches up and provides agency resources with the information needed to support clients. 

Financial Accounting : Commissions, Agency Bill, etc.

The community of borrowedtyme agents have developed the enhancements necessary to run commissions, agency bill, and related financial accounting capabilities on the Salesforce platform, with AccountingSeed.

Commercial Lines Certificates

Generating Certificates of Insurance (COI) for clients is a common service request. borrowedtyme members have developed this capability on the Salesforce platform.  Some agents have even extended the capability directly to their clients to use for self-service COI purposes.

Benefits Management

borrowedtyme allows agencies to track and manage benefit plans for current and prior plan years.  The capabilities provide users with a comprehensive experience to define plan years and benefits, import census data members, track enrollments, and service the entire benefits lifecycle.

Reports & Dashboards

The ability to report and review everything from a balance sheet, P&L, producer production, tasks and activities, and every service interaction is critical to the success of running an agency.  borrowedtyme members have developed these insights to run the business with Salesforce Reports & Dashboards.

Generating Carrier Applications and Supplementals

Unfortunately, independent agents are still required to generate carrier-specific PDF documents.  As a result, borrowedtyme community members have developed the capability to prefill and generate carrier applications and supplementals from the data gathered through the sales and client questionnaire cycles in Salesforce.  Account Executives are able to update and submit these finalized forms to carriers when going to market.    

Policy, Billing, Claims Inquiry with Carriers

borrowedtyme was the first to partner with a leading insurance carrier to deliver a seamless policy, billing, and claim inquiry experience for agents within Salesforce. The capability reflects the potential that agents and carriers can achieve when they partner together. borrowedtyme is excited to deliver this experience to member agents. More carrier integrations are in development.

Agency Branded Proposals

borrowedtyme provides the capabilities for agencies to generate branded proposals from within Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.  The functionality allows agencies to define, choose, and configure proposal templates based on their needs.  The borrowedtyme capabilities help agencies achieve a professional, branded, and consistent experience when delivering proposals to prospective clients.

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